On a practical level, Holistic AYM organises lectures at the Holistic Health Centre or in other venues, as well as participating in conferences which promote the knowledge of ideas which strengthen the deeper understanding of health. It also publishes articles, video clips from seminars and organises teleconferences. In essence, it promotes the spread of the principles of Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation in the modern world.

At the Holistic Health Centre in Kifissia, Greece, we arrange open meetings. The meetings take place approximately once a month on a Saturday and are open to all.

In addition, we organise five, 3-day seminars per year, also dedicated to the discussion of the principles of Ayurveda and to the practice of yoga and meditation. These seminars take place in the Spring, early Summer and Autumn and are for anyone interested from Greece and also from abroad. The practice of yoga and meditation during the seminars is conducted under careful, individual supervision.

Our meetings have resulted in such enthusiasm that we now organise annual visits to India. This journey usually takes place at the beginning of the year and lasts for approximately two weeks, its purpose being to practice yoga and meditation daily and to have discussions concerning the principles of Ayurveda.